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The WIN Collective, represents a stake in the song, "Lil Flip ft. D-Man the Underdog - Winners Win," and a vote in its ownership direction and future business.

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Lil' Flip

Lil' Flip, born Wesley Eric Weston Jr., is a hip-hop heavyweight from Houston's Cloverland. His journey started with his debut "The Leprechaun" and has since grown with hits like "The Way We Ball" and "Game Over". Beyond music, Lil' Flip is a multifaceted talent, venturing into fashion and literature, proving his standing as a cultural icon.

D-Man The Underdog

Hailing from Indianapolis, D-Man The Underdog has quickly become a notable name in hip-hop. Known for powerful lyrics and memorable collaborations, D-Man's commitment to the genre and its future is evident. His collaboration with Lil' Flip, "Winners Win", stands as a testament to his prowess.

The Song

With a rhythmic concoction of beats and eloquence, Lil' Flip brings forth "Winners Win," a lyrical odyssey aimed at igniting the triumphant spirit within us all. The track unfolds as a clarion call to the relentless and the perseverant, embodying a global anthem for victory.

Each verse, adorned with Lil' Flip's signature thoughtful rap and ingenious wordplay, weaves a narrative that's both compelling and uplifting. The catchy hook resonates as a mantra, echoing the timeless truth of triumph in the face of adversity. "Winners Win" transcends mere melody, evolving into a musical manifesto for the indomitable spirit of achievers across the globe.

Through the poetic cadence and the infectious rhythm, listeners are beckoned to embrace the winner's mentality, fostering a culture of excellence that reverberates through every endeavor, every challenge.

Business Plan

To build a winners mentality worldwide.


  • Lil' Flip Receives 3% of the total percentages allocated. In addition, he gets a 15% split on the lyrics of "Winners Win." Lil' Flip's lyrical mastery and unique style significantly enhance the appeal and message of "Winners Win," making it a song that resonates with a global audience.
  • Tim Ned Accounted for with a 2% share, contributing as a creative collaborator. Time Ned brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table, enriching the artistic essence of "Winners Win."
  • D-Man Holds a substantial 30% share and also enjoys a 15% split on the lyrics alongside Lil' Flip. D-Man conceptualized the inspiring idea behind "Winners Win," a notion that fosters a winning mentality and positivity among listeners worldwide.
  • Christopher M. Owens With a 15% share, his role as the producer was instrumental in the song's production. Christopher orchestrates the musical elements of "Winners Win" seamlessly, ensuring the final output is of high quality and resonates with the intended message and musical excellence.
  • Fundraising A total of 20% is set aside for fundraising, ensuring a financial foundation for the project.

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